GPRS Fleet Vehicle Management System 

Perfect for:


Who Uses Fleet Management Systems?

  • Plumbing and Electrical Contractors

  • HVAC Companies

  • Taxi Companies

  • Building Suppliers

  • Wholesale Supply Companies

  • Parts stores

  • Concrete Companies

  • Snow Removal Companies

  • Produce Companies

  • Delivery Companies

  • Beverage Companies

  • Limousines

  • Wrecker Companies

  • Courier Companies

  • Oil Distributors

  • Public Safety

  • Security Companies

  • Pool Maintenance Companies

  • Carpet Cleaning Companies

  • Bus Companies

TrimWeb™ is a complete, low-cost solution for managing your mobile resources.  The system eliminates the unknowns of vehicle location and status and makes management of your mobile assets easy, timely, and accurate. The system can pay for itself quickly in fuel savings, better allocation of mobile resources, and faster response to customer requests.  You can even be alerted to driver safety issues such as speeding. 

What do TrimWeb™ customers experience?

TrimWeb™ hardware consists of a small on-board computer known as the Mobile Data Unit. If two-way messaging is selected as an option to TrimWeb™, a Mobile Data Unit Terminal is also mounted in the vehicle to allow text messaging between the driver and dispatch.

Perfect for small and large fleets of repair, and delivery vehicles that want better control, customer service and increased productivity from their staff.

Trimble's TrimWeb Services provide everything you need for efficient and cost-effective management of your fleet operations. You provide a computer and an Internet connection; we provide the rest. Your subscription to Telvisant Services brings you position and status reports for each vehicle at intervals that are right for your operation and budget. And powerful reporting capabilities let you analyze your fleet's performance for critical, informed decision-making.

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