HeadLine HL-1521 UHF (430 - 470 MHz) Portable Radio$199.99 includes charger and $10 programming

HeadLine HL-1521 UHF (430 - 470 MHz) Portable Radio

Quick Overview

HeadLine Part Number HL-1521

This full-featured/lightweight HeadLine portable has 4W (UHF) of TX power, 2-Tone decode, Selcal, W/N band operation, alpha-numeric display, 2.5kHz channel stepping, and many other exciting features.

99 Channels, VHF or UHF Conventional Operation
- 2.5 kHz PLL Step for VHF Public Safety Pool. Available VHF or UHF, 12.5 or 25 kHz operating bandwidth programmable per channel.

Lightweight & Compact
• - HeadLine radios are designed for the palm of your hand for maximum portability / ease of use.

User Control and A/N Display
• - Alpha Numeric Dot Matrix screen makes multiple channel use easier and more effi cient. Keyboard options offer user friendly control of Scan, Squelch, Power, Signaling, Keypad Lock, VOX, and more.

• - The radio’s PIN function prevents
unauthorized usage. The password is user
changeable for added security.

Two-Tone / Selcall / ANI
• - Two-Tone decode and Selcall signaling systems are programmable in the radio. DTMF ANI is also available for call logging and system authorization.

Li-Ion Battery and Battery Save
• - The radios come standard with high capacity 1700 mAh Lithium Ion batteries and Dual Technology Rapid Chargers. Battery save function provides extended operation
between charges.

Durable Construction
• - Manufactured with a tough poly carbonate cabinet and cast aluminum
back plate. HeadLine radios have a ruggedness not found in comparable radios. Meets Mil Std 810F.

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