• VHF (148-174 MHz)
  • 2 Watts of power
  • 2 Channels
  • Programmable CTCSS/DCS tones
  • Programmable two-tone decode
  • Programmable 12.5/25 kHz by channel
  • Locking accesory connector
  • Bundled complete with
    • Antenna (ACC-115B)
    • High Capacity Battery (ACC-202)
    • Belt-Clip (560-100-0017)

Model Description

550-070-2001 Spring loaded belt-clip
ACC-207 Battery for the PL Series
ACC-115B 6" VHF Antenna (148-162 MHz)
ACC-115R Antenna VHF PL-Series
ACC-145 UHF Antenna PL-Series
ACC-470 Fast Charger
ACC-480 Slow Charger
ACC-506 Audio Accessory Adapter
ACC-616 Audio - Headsets
ACC-714 Heavy Duty SPK/MIC
ACC-715 Ear Hook SPK/MIC
ACC-727 Heavy Duty SPK/MIC
ACC-302 Carrying Leather Case
ACC-303 Nylon Carrying Case
ACC-304A Carrying leather case w/swivel
ACC-905CD Programming Software
QPA-1424 Coil Cord Earphone
WTA-9F Ear -Bud Speaker
ACC-474 Charger cup for the ACC-207 battery


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