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Our Expert Technical Department is at your service with quality repairs and parts

                         Need Your Two Way Radios Repaired?

Give us a call @ 1.866.95RADIO

We repair two-way radios, both hand held and mobile radios. For $55 we give you a comprehensive estimate of all repairs and apply this fee to the repair.

Others charge you flat fees which can end up costing you more than the actual repair.  We only charge you what the repair actually cost, not a penny more.

Call our Help Desk at 1-866-95RADIO.

Here is how it works:

Call our Help Desk Toll Free 866-95RADIO or complete the short form below.

It's important we have the Manufacturer, and the Serial Number from the radio you need repaired for tracking purposes.

It's also very important to give our technicians some idea of what the radio is doing wrong. Please provide a description of the problem.

Click the Submit  button once you have filled out the form below.

Print the confirmation page and place it in your shipping box for proper tracking.

Click your browser's BACK button and click the Add To Cart button at the bottom of this page.

On the next page you'll see the diagnosis rate of $55.00 for each radio's diagnosis (the diagnosis amount will be credited to the repair). Please review the information you provided.

Click Keep Shopping to add another radio and enter in the total number of radios being shipped (the page will calculate your total charges).

Complete your shipping and billing information on the third page and click Continue.

Complete the payment information. Enter in your credit card information in our secure payment gateway. We accept VISA, Master Card, AX and Discover

Review the entire radio repair order make any corrections needed and place your order

Ship your box either UPS, FEDEX or DHL be sure to use proper packing boxes and materials to ship.  We  pick up the shipping cost back to you up to $15.00.

866-95RADIO with any questions.

Your Name

Company (If Any)

Physical Address


State Zip  
Telephone Number Email Address          

Make of Radio(s) for more than one brand hold down your shift key and click your choices (Click the Brand to highlight)

Number of Radios 

Please List Serial Numbers of each Radio, Problem with each radio and what accessories are being sent with each radio

Serial Number of 1st radio Problem with radio

Serial Number of 2nd radio Problem with radio

Serial Number of 3rd radio  Problem with radio

Serial Number of 4th radio  Problem with radio

Serial Number of 5th radio  Problem with radio

Serial Number of 6th radio  Problem with radio

List Accessories for each radio being sent (i.e. Antennas, belt clips, battery, charger)



1.Click Submit and Print the confirmation page.

2.Place the Confirmation Page in your shipping box.

3.Return to this page by clicking your browsers "Back Button" and click the ADD to CART button.

4.To change the number of radios you need to have repaired click the view cart button and make your changes.

5. Ship to our Repair Depot at: Neumann Communications, Inc.  8564 LAKE CLEARWATER LANE. #712, INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA 46240






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Neumann Communications provides two way radio repairs which means quality two way radio repair on all major brands of two-way radios, which includes Motorola two way radio repair, Kenwood two way radio repair, Icom two way radio repair, Midland two way radio repair, Maxon two way radio repair, Ritron two way radio repair and many other major brands. We can repair repeaters, and fleet gps units for business and government use.  We are  a distributor of 2-way radio parts and accessories for Motorola, Kenwood, Icom, Midland, Maxon and Ritron.  We supply Police and Fire Department (public safety and first responders) with professional radio and gps (avl) units.