• Fully compact and lightweight portable radio.
  • UHF (440-470 MHz)
  • Only 4.5 inches high
  • Full 5 Watts of power
  • 4 Selectable Channels
  • Scan & Priority scan
  • Programmable CTCSS/DCS
  • Programmable 12.5/25 kHz by channel
  • Meets MIL-STD 810F
  • Weighs less than 8 ounces
  • Comes complete with:
    • Antenna
    • Battery
    • Durable Swivel Belt-Clip

Model Description

ACC-206 Battery for the SP-200 Series
ACC-100 SP-200 Series
ACC-400 Dual Slot Charger
ACC-408 Cigarette Charger
ACC-421 Single Desktop Charger
ACC-470 Fast Charger
ACC-480 Slow Charger
QPA-1411 Power Supply 110V AC
QPA-1412 Power supply 220V AC
ACC-506 Audio Accessory Adpater
ACC-616 Audio - Headsets
ACC-714 Heavy Duty SPK/MIC
ACC-715 Ear Hook SPK/MIC
ACC-727 Heavy Duty SPK/MIC
QPA-1424 Coil Cord Earphone
WTA-9F Ear -Bud Speaker
ACC-300 Leather case with Durable Belt-Clip
ACC-301 Nylon Case
ACC-2003 Alignment Box
ACC-102 Antenna VHF
ACC-472 Charger cup

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