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OUTLOOK XTNow there is a low-cost wireless two-way callbox for any location. Introducing the self-contained wireless callbox, the 6 Series slim-profile OutPost XT. The XT callbox provides two-way communications over existing two-way radio systems without costly upgrades or capital expenditures. The ruggedized design of the OutPost XT provides an extra measure of vandal-resistant operation.

Simply deploy the OutPost XT radios in any area where you need them most. It is ideal for buildings or facilities, schools, hospitals, hotels/motels, agribusiness, manufacturing, warehousing, delivery or receiving docks, amusement parks, golf courses, parking structures/lots, gates, or helpbox for any area where wireless two-way communications is needed. Plus, there is no need for extensive wiring, remodeling, or dedicated phone lines since the OutPost XT radio is completely wireless.

High standards of engineering and innovation are the reasons why Ritron has been the leader in wireless radio products, and now providing you with more solutions for all your communication needs.

1 Series Callbox
Basic Model: RQX-151/451
XT Model: RQX-151-XT/451-XT
6 Series Callbox
Basic Model: RQX-156/456
XT Model: RQX-156-XT/456-XT
7 Series Callbox
Basic Model: RQX-157/457
XT Model: RQX-157-XT/457-XT

"1" Series Features:

▫ Two-Way Communication

▫ Battery Powered or
Optional External Power

▫Wide or Narrow Band

▫Adjustable Power Output

All “1” Series Features Plus:

▫ Built-In Switch Relay for Remote Control Capability

▫ 2-Tone Decode


▫ Sensor Input
All “1” & “6” Series Features Plus:

▫ Talking Callbox:
Programmable Voice Recording for Automatic Greeting

▫ Voice Locations Identification


Ideal for use at:

Golf Courses with the ClubCall system for food and beverage orders from the 9th & 18th Tee Box.

Construction Sites with the SiteCall system for limited access areas, high rise projects, or anywhere two-way communications is needed but a portable radio is not practical.





Ideal for use at:

Gated Entrances with the GateGuard® system for wireless communications and gate activation from up to 2-miles away.

Can also activate doors, barrier arms, strobe lights, security lights, CACT/CCTV, and the list goes on!

Ideal for use at:

Schools, College Campuses, Parking Garages & Lots, Parks & Trails, Golf Courses, Manufacturing Plants, or any other place that an emergency callbox is needed for immediate assistance and location identification.




Quick Talk

Quick Talk Reporter

It's like being in two places at once!

The Quick Talk is a battery-operated one-way radio transmitter that operates on VHF or UHF frequencies. It requires no boring, trenching, or external power. A single set of 6 AA Alkaline batteries powers the Quick Talk for nearly one year, or approximately 12,000 transmissions.

When you need real time status and you can't be everywhere at the same time, you need the Quick Talk Voice Alerting Transmitter.

How does it work? Connect any contact closure/switch to the Quick Talk. Record your "custom" message in any language. When the switch changes status, the recorded message is automatically transmitted via radio to all your two-way radio equipped personnel.




The VHF/UHF Conventional OutPost XT versions features:Stainless steel faceplate with vandal-resistant screws ,Stainless steel sealed vandal-resistant push-to-talk button,Affordable add-on to any radio system,1 channel,1 Watt transmitter,Simple push-to-talk operation,Internal low profile antenna,External antenna option available,Battery powered,Field or PC Programmable, CTCSS and Digital Coded Squelch,Built-in Relay for Remote Control Capability,Programmable DTMF ANI,MDC-1200 or G-STAR ANI Protocols,"Always-On" Feature,Tone Alert with Switch Inputs,Solar Power Ready,Low Battery Alert, 500 transmissions on a set of 6 D alkaline batteries,1 year warranty,Designed, manufactured, and serviced in the USA, Includes: Synthesized programmable transceiver, vandal-resistant housing and stainless steel faceplate with sealed PTT button, and basic owners manual